Nutrolock is the winner of the prestigious Edison 2017 Awards. The new benchmark in natural food processing.

Nutrolock is a supremely gentle, low speed food processing technique that can transform all types of fruits/vegetables in a cold & raw state to the highest possible natural nutritional powder.

Our powders have been scientifically tested to lock in 20-50 times more nutrition compared with other standard food processing techniques.

Nutrolock’s gentle 25 minute process means the cell structure of the fruits/vegetables are retained, making our natural food powders so ‘close to nature’ that you could be visiting our banana plantation in tropical Northern Australia. Nutrolock allows our indigenous ‘Lady Finger’ green bananas to become the richest tested natural resistant starch product available anywhere in the World.

We like to think of this as ‘Natural Simplicity’ and we know you are going to love our high quality super nutritional natural food products.