High quality food health products are in high demand around the World.  Everyone is now becoming more aware of the benefits of a healthier lifestyle and are finding new and exciting ways to live, cook and eat as naturally as possible. At Natural Evolution we have developed a completely new & award winning natural food products processing technique called Nutrolock. Our aim has always been  to produce a range of food health products that are nutritionally as ‘close to nature’ as was possible.

We are now introducing these new products into the European market and we hope you will agree just how fantastic they are to cook, bake and supplement your diet.

Our Founder Robert Watkins/Farmer Rob always believed the best agricultural products, with the highest nutritional values had to be grown from healthy soil and plants. The Watkins family plantation in Queensland Australia developed a type of banana called the ‘lady finger’. This banana was very difficult to grow and required more land and labour than other types of banana. Using Farmer Robs many innovations and inventions the company have turned this super little banana into a favourite across Australia.

Unfortunately some bananas are just not the right shape for the supermarkets and lots of these super bananas were going to waste. Thinking how to make use of these bananas Farmer Rob came across the idea of producing a very high quality gluten free flour with all the benefits of banana. With extraordinary luck on testing the nutritional values of this new flour it was discovered it contained the highest natural source of resistant starch available anywhere in the World…. and the rest as they say is now history..

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