Natural Evolution Europe brings to you the highest quality green banana resistant starch flour products, in the World using our award winning Nutrolock processing technique. We use only bananas grown on our own, or nearby, Australian plantation so we are sure of their exceptional high quality.

Our green bananas are bio-dynamically, ethically and sustainably grown.  We make sure everything is gluten free, low GI, free from preservatives, completely natural, highly nutritious, rich in resistant starch and dietary fibre..

Our mission at Natural Evolution Europe is to make everyone in Europe aware of the fantastic benefits of using green banana products in their everyday diet….try some today!

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Green Banana Flour & Resistant Starch from Natural Evolution

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Our World famous natural product is Green Banana Resistant Starch flour– a healthy new addition to your everyday diet that’s naturally packed full of prebiotics for a healthier and happier gut. Our resistant starch is produced using our unique Nutrolock techonology wholly from green bananas and can help improve your wellbeing. Natural Evolution Gluten Free green Banana Flour is also made from nutritious Australian green bananas, designed for cooks and bakers looking for a healthy alternative to wheat flours without any banana taste.

That’s just the beginning … we’re bringing a range of natural banana products to Europe with your health in mind. As well as our great range of cooking products we’ve got smoothie mixes and probiotic powders to boost your daily health routine, banana style… and there’s still more to come!